Class of 2024: Tanya Hend

We’re so proud of our Class of 2024. They’ve overcome enormous challenges, helped others, grasped opportunities, and developed their skills, showing their Essex Spirit in so many ways. Here, we’re taking the opportunity to share some of their stories.

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    Fri 12 Apr 24

Profile picture of counselling graduate Tanya Hend smiling at the camera

After successfully completing her Masters in Psychodynamic Counselling at Essex, Tanya Hend is now set to make a difference to the lives of care leavers and foster carers – an area close to her heart.

Tanya Hend’s academic journey has not always been easy.

As a care leaver with learning disabilities, she struggled with self-doubt during her studies, which she puts down to having a disadvantaged background where she was “often told that I would not be successful”.

But it was Essex’s reputation for providing a nurturing atmosphere, particularly for students who face difficulties during their studies, which influenced her decision to come here.

“The supportive environment and exceptional lectures at Essex played a crucial role in my decision,” she said. “I chose Essex because of its reputation for providing a nurturing atmosphere for students like myself, who may face various challenges in their academic journey.”

Drawn to counselling due to her interest in understanding human behaviour and emotions, she knew the course was what she wanted to do, but said her biggest challenge was, undoubtedly, overcoming her lack of confidence and the belief that she wouldn’t be able to complete her studies.

“As well as my lack of confidence, managing my learning disabilities posed its own set of challenges. However, with the unwavering support from my lecturers and the understanding environment at Essex, I was able to overcome these obstacles by seeking help when needed, utilising available resources, and adopting effective study strategies tailored to my needs.

“The sense of accomplishment and personal growth I’ve gained throughout this journey are invaluable,” she said. “The guidance and encouragement I received has helped me overcome my doubts and achieve my academic goals.”

She praises the comprehensive curriculum of the Masters degree, combined with the exceptional support from lecturers, which has not only equipped her with the necessary skills she needs for her future career but has also instilled the confidence in her to excel in her field.

Having qualified as a psychodynamic counsellor in November last year, she has recently founded her own company, called Tspacetherpay Ltd, with the aim of providing vital support to care leavers and foster carers.

“Drawing from my personal background and the lessons I’ve learned; I've secured contracts with fostering agencies to offer tailored assistance to those in need,” she said. “I aspire to make a meaningful impact on the lives of care leavers and foster carers, offering them the support and guidance they deserve on their journey to healing and self-discovery.”

Tanya said she would “wholeheartedly” recommend Essex to any prospective student. “The inclusive and supportive environment, coupled with the high-quality education and dedicated faculty, make it an ideal place for personal and academic growth.”

Tanya’s student life at Essex does not end here. After graduating, she plans to continue her professional development by pursuing the Professional Doctorate in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Counselling at Essex.