Historic sporting season of student success

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    Thu 8 Feb 24

BUCS student success 2024

Student sports sides are celebrating an “incredible” season after four teams topped their leagues for the first time.

Historic sporting season of student success

The high-performance men and women’s basketball and volleyball squads all took home glory for the Essex Blades.

This is the first time in University history this has happened and the first time the Men’s basketball and Women’s volleyball have won the BUCS Premier League South.

Catherine Tolley, volleyball 1st team women’s captain, said: “This long-desired achievement stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication, commitment and hard work our women’s volleyball team has put behind this season so far.

“We have faced countless challenges and setbacks over the previous years, but our resilience and relentless focus on developing as a team has led us to this fantastic achievement.

“Every player has contributed to this success both on and off court, I am honoured to be a part of a team like no other in the country.”


The women’s football team also celebrated success after securing the BUCS Premier League South runners up spot.

And the women’s tennis also sealed the BUCS South Eastern Tier 1 tennis title and will contest the playoffs for a Premier League spot next season.

Susy Davies, Performance Sport Manager, said: "I'm incredibly proud of our men’s and women’s volleyball and basketball teams for winning the BUCS Premier league, a historic feat for the university.

“The men's basketball and women's volleyball 1sts have made history, securing the honours for the first time.
“With home draws in the BUCS Championship Quarter Finals, the excitement is high.

“Kudos also to our Women's tennis team for winning the South Eastern Tier 1 league, they're set to compete in the premier league playoffs later this academic year.

“Congratulations to all our athletes for their outstanding achievements on the court.”