Inspiring graduate Megan features in national university campaign

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    Tue 1 Aug 23

Megan Fryer-Kelsey in her graduation robes be lake

Inspiring University of Essex graduate Megan Fryer-Kelsey has been featured in a national campaign highlighting the value of going to university.

Universities offer opportunities, increase social mobility and benefit economies across the country.

In its latest campaign, Universities UK (UUK) wanted to capture the individual value of going to university for graduates and business leaders and Megan, who studied Politics and Human Rights at Essex, has been included as a case study in the campaign.

As a young carer, Megan had responsibilities that set her apart from a lot of her peers. This inspired her to learn more about how she can make a difference in society.

Her placement year at Metabolic Support UK (MSUK) proved to be a truly transformative experience, amplifying both her career skills and self-assurance.

“My placement year was a real highlight,” explained Megan. “In addition to developing my skills in thinking about future work and understanding how to progress through a career, it gave me the confidence to put my hand up and offer ideas during class.”

Along her journey at university, Megan encountered supportive individuals, including her tutor, who played a pivotal role in helping her overcome challenges in various aspects of her life – be it at work, university, or even within her personal life.

Next month Megan will be starting a Detective Degree Holder Entry Programme for the Police, which will kickstart her career in directly helping people.

In collaboration with Censuswide, UUK surveyed 3,505 UK graduates and 3,506 UK business leaders to find out about the value of going to university.

Survey data from graduates revealed: 

  • 73% of UK graduates credit going to university with enabling them to find the job they wanted in under a year
  • 79% of graduates say going to university enabled them to build skills that have proved professionally valuable
  • 71% of first in their family UK graduates said that going to university opened doors to companies for them

Vivienne Stern, Chief Executive of Universities UK, added: “The benefits captured by this research are numerous – from job security and career ambitions, to earnings and social mobility – and highlight how highly UK universities are regarded not just by those who attend them, but also by those who hire their graduates and benefit from their skills. “