Sociologist receives €2.75M to research integration of third-generation migrants

  • Date

    Tue 31 Jan 23

Photo of Ayse Guveli and Title of project: ThirdGen

The grandchildren of Turkish migrants across Europe will be interviewed as part of a major research project led by Professor Ayse Guveli from the Department of Sociology and supported by a €2.75 million funding award from the European Research Council.

The ThirdGen project will explore the long-term impact of migration on the third generation of Turkish migrant families and their assimilation patterns across different European countries, especially their socioeconomic position and family set ups.

Professor Guveli, who will lead the five-year project, said: “Research has produced extensive knowledge about migrants and their children. But we know almost nothing about the third generation - the grandchildren. Studying the third generation will reveal the long-term implications of migration.

“Now, the grandchildren have grown, enabling us, for the first time, to study their life transitions, job trajectories, migration histories, family set ups, religion, gender roles, and many more factors.

“Has their socioeconomic position improved? Do they still plan to look after their elderly relatives at home? What role do religion and gender play on these?

“This funding will enable me to extend the findings of my previous research into the migration histories of Turks in Europe which researched the lives of 2,000 families of Turkish migrants, comparing them to the families of Turkish men who stayed in Turkey.

“I am most grateful to the European Research Council for the funding for this project which will answer new research questions on the long-term impact of migration on the Third Generation.”

Head of the Department of Sociology, Professor Pam Cox, said: “This is a major achievement, and I am delighted that Ayse will be able to conduct this important research, thanks to the European Research Council.”

President of the European Research Council Professor Maria Leptin said: “ERC Consolidator grants support researchers at a crucial time of their careers, strengthening their independence, reinforcing their teams and helping them establish themselves as leaders in their fields. And this backing above all gives them a chance to pursue their scientific dreams.”