Essex sociologist appointed to US National Academies committee

  • Date

    Tue 6 Dec 22

Nick Allum

Professor Nick Allum has been appointed to the US National Academies of Science Engineering and Medicine's committee on understanding and addressing misinformation about science. He is the only European academic on the committee which will focus primarily on the United States.

Made up of world-leading experts, the committee will examine the problem and provide guidance on interventions, policies, and research toward reducing harms caused by misinformation in science.

Professor Allum, from the Department of Sociology, said: "It is an honour to have been invited to contribute to this important work. I look forward to learning a lot from my committee colleagues.

"Misinformation about science can harm the health and wellbeing of citizens and prevent them from improving their lives and those of others.

"Scientific misinformation is not a new phenomenon but one that is increasingly taking on new forms and creating new problems."

Head of the Department of Sociology, Professor Pam Cox, said: "We are so proud that Professor Allum has been appointed to the committee on misinformation about science. It is a testament to Nick’s research into public understanding of science and research integrity."

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