Social anthropologist elected to institute for Sri Lankan studies

  • Date

    Thu 27 Oct 22

portrait photo of Professor Sandya Hewamanne

Sandya Hewamanne, professor of anthropology and Director of the Essex Centre for Global South Studies has been elected vice president of the American Institute for Sri Lankan Studies (AISLS). This institute is devoted to promoting research and teaching on Sri Lanka and strengthening links between scholars and institutions. Its main focus is on the humanities and social sciences.

Professor Hewamanne said: “I am delighted with this appointment and honoured to be the first person outside of an American university to be elected to a major position in this important global institute.

“Sri Lanka is part of the Global South. For infamous reasons Sri Lanka has now become a case study for how not to proceed, and thus a very important research focal point at the moment. My involvement with AISLS will allow me to facilitate researcher connections to Sri Lanka for comparative research.

“I look forward to promoting the work of academics through fellowships, grants workshops, seminars and publications taking forward the critical analysis of the state of Sri Lanka and its connections to global processes, to support economic development, equality, democracy and social justice amidst the unprecedented economic crisis.

Professor Pam Cox, head of the Department of Sociology, said: “Professor Hewamanne’s election as vice president of AISLS is a real honour and is a testament to her important work on critical labour studies, political economy and international development.”

More information is available on the website American Institute for Sri Lankan Studies