'Unsung heroes' honoured with Technician Commitment award

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    Thu 30 Jun 22

The University's technicians

The University of Essex has been honoured for its commitment to the “unsung heroes” of research and education – its talented technicians.

'Unsung heroes' honoured with Technician Commitment award

The University is dedicated to supporting and triumphing their work and was presented with a special Impact award at a national event in York.

The award recognises the progress made on our implementation of the Technician Commitment, a national initiative to ensure visibility, recognition, career development and sustainability for technical staff working within universities.

“Our technicians play a fundamental role in enabling our researchers to make ground-breaking discoveries and our students to realise their full potential on their courses,” said Registrar Bryn Morris.

“Their knowledge, skills, expertise and experience are invaluable assets that underpin the University’s equal commitment to excellence in education and research.”

The technical staff were instrumental in keeping the University’s labs going during the unprecedented disruption of the pandemic and helped maintain Essex as an outstanding research institution, which was confirmed in the recent REF2021.

Professor Edward Codling, Faculty Dean for Research Science & Health, collected the Technician Commitment award.

Professor Codling said: “Our technical staff are our true unsung heroes.”

“Without their tireless commitment, we would not have managed to keep labs running throughout the pandemic, enabling students to graduate and research to continue.

“Our technical teams play a key role in our research and contributed to our excellent REF2021 results – which confirmed Essex as an outstanding research institution.”

The technicians have welcomed the strides made by the University and say it offers “an amazing programme”.

Chris Spice, Technical Manager in the School of Sports, Rehabilitation, and Exercise Science said: “The way the University has engaged with the Technician Commitment is brilliant and it’s already having a big impact through supporting and highlighting the excellent work of our technicians.

“It also offers an exciting opportunity for us to shape the future direction of technical roles and careers within the University and wider sector.”

A sentiment echoed by Monika Steinke, who has also spearheaded the Herschel Programme, which aims to promote and champion women leaders in STEM.

The technician working in the Department of Psychology, said: "It is an amazing programme, which has allowed me to engage with professional development schemes and provided me with funding to pay for workshops, conferences and new equipment.

“The skills and knowledge I’ve gained will benefit me greatly in my career.”