Pint of Science festival returns to quench thirst for knowledge

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    Tue 26 Apr 22

Pint of Science beer mat

The secrets of love, genetics, and psychology will be revealed in pubs across Colchester as The Pint of Science festival returns

Pint of Science festival returns to quench thirst for knowledge

The festival will see expert researchers head out of their labs and into the Three Wise Monkeys, The Other Monkey Brewing Tap Room and the Queen St Brewhouse.

Diverse discussions on topics such as how TOWIE-style Botox filler effect the ability to read emotions, why we desire antibiotics, and the gender pay gap will fill the busy barrooms.

Specialists from Colchester Zoo will also be on hand to reveal how they are conserving the natural world.

Taking place across three days from May 9-11, the talks will return for the first time since 2019 and tickets are selling out fast.

This year the event is being organised by final year PhD students Olivia Grant and Ellie Watson.

“Pint of Science highlights the importance of research being conducted right here and right now in our own town, and how that research impacts upon everyone’s lives," said Olivia. 

An opinion echoed by Ellie, who said: “I love organising Pint of Science because I love to speak to people from all walks of life about their research and what drives them in their work day-to-day.”

Senior research officer Shellie Wall organised the event for the past four years, but this year is focusing on marketing of the festival.

She said: “I first brought Pint of Science to Essex in 2017 and have run this chapter of the organisation for four years.

“It was time to pass this initiative on so more people could get the experience of organising this set of events, with Olivia and Ellie taking the baton.

“I wanted to bring the public into scientific debates, and this festival is a great place for anyone to get wide exposure to current thinking and ideas.

“Pint of Science brings together multiple fields of study into a broad and interesting context that appeals to a non-specialist audience, which to me is really fascinating.”

The nationwide festival is a grassroots non-profit organisation that aims to bring cutting-edge research to the masses.

The international celebration will see thousands of scientists speaking to the public in over 500 cities across 24 countries

Founded nine years ago by two UK researchers, the festival brings a unique line-up of talks, demonstrations and live experiments to the nation’s local pubs.

Tickets cost £5 and are available online