‘Rock’ who guided students through pandemic recognised

Excellence in Education Awards: Excellent Graduate Teaching Assistant/ Graduate Lab Assistant Award

  • Date

    Wed 2 Feb 22

A headshot of Hazel Sayer

Inspirational Hazel Sayer went above and beyond to help students and colleagues through the COVID-19 crisis.

She’s received an Excellence in Education Award for her work in helping first-year psychology students and lecturers with her transformative teaching in the Research Methods module.

Hazel, who has worked as a graduate lab assistant for two years, was one of the University’s pandemic heroes.

When it emerged, that undergraduates would need extra support Hazel immediately volunteered -despite the pressures of a caring responsibility -and became a dedicated and constant force in the department.

Colleagues praise her for her joyful informative approach to students, her management of the module forum, her excellent tutoring in fortnightly support classes, and her consistent, effective and high-quality student feedback.

She was nominated for the award by reader Dr Marie Juanchich.

Dr Juanchich said: “Because of her expert knowledge and her positive and dynamic attitude, Hazel has been a real asset for the module and has made a very positive impact on students’ learning experience and on their lives at university overall.

“I think this year, even more than before, students needed extra support and reassurance that, yes, they could succeed.

“Hazel has provided outstanding teaching to students, via all means possible.”

Dr Juanchich believes Hazel has a bright future in academia and will inspire future generations of students.

She has become an integral part of the department and has a bright future.

Dr Juanchich said: “She adapted to difficult circumstances and was always generous with her time. She has provided proactive support to students and the academic team. 

“We feel very privileged to work with her and we are very grateful that she joined our team and has endorsed so many roles in our team.

“She will make many students very happy in the future in a bright and successful lecturing career.”

Her feelings were echoed by students.

One said: “Hazel went above and beyond to answer every single question of mine, her answers were extremely detailed and explained clearly and delivered so well.

“I’m so grateful for all of her help and support.”