New Essex Finance Centre collaboration with Italian research centre

  • Date

    Mon 18 Oct 21

photograph of Professor Claudia Girardone

The Essex Finance Centre, part of Essex Business School at the University of Essex, has agreed to work with BIFELAB, an Italian joint research centre for banking, business, finance and ethics.


The new relationship will strengthen Essex links with four universities across Italy: University of Cassino and Southern Lazio, University of Molise, University of Pescara-Chieti, University of Salerno.

This collaboration will promote the exchange of teaching and research activities, facilitate joint research projects in areas of mutual interest, and lead to shared international conferences, seminars, symposia and workshops.

It is the result of network building across the organisations and the agreement has been signed by Professor Claudia Girardone, Director of Essex Finance Centre, Professor Vincenzo Formisano, Scientific Director of BIFELAB and Professor Michele Modina, member of BIFELAB scientific committee.

Professor Claudia Girardone said: “We are delighted that this new agreement extends our international research network and creates new opportunities for exchange, learning and research. The EFiC-BIFELAB collaboration will benefit staff and students in the areas of banking and finance, and recognise and promote research into ethics, transparency and long-term value creation.”

Dr Stefano Filomeni, Lecturer in Finance at Essex Business School, and recently appointed BIFELAB member of the scientific committee added: “We are really enthusiastic about this new EFiC-BIFELAB international collaboration agreement. It brings with it significant mutual benefits for teaching and research activities, joint research projects in areas of mutual interest, and shared international conferences, seminars, symposia and workshops.”


More information on BIFELAB.

The Essex Finance Centre, based at Essex Business School, is the first point of contact for Faculty and students seeking information about the collaboration.