Edge Hotel School one of the very best for student satisfaction

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    Thu 29 Jul 21

A student smiling at the camera during a careers event

The Edge Hotel School is delighted to have achieved 3rd for overall student satisfaction for Tourism, Transport and Travel in the National Student Survey 2021 (NSS 2021).

It has been a challenging year for the hospitality and events sector, which included the temporary closure of many leading venues including Wivenhoe House hotel which provides opportunities for Edge Hotel School students to develop their practical experience of the industry.

This year’s NSS 2021 results showcases the significant efforts by Edge Hotel School academic and professional services staff to continue delivering an exceptional student experience amidst despite these challenges.

The result includes an impressive overall student satisfaction rating, with 96.7% of Edge Hotel School students expressing overall satisfaction with their course.

Head of School Andrew Boer is delighted with this year’s performance. He said: “The Edge Hotel School was exceptionally proud when, in 2020, we achieved the score of 100% in student satisfaction in the National Student Survey. We are really proud that in 2021, we achieved a score of 96.7% which means we remain in the top 3 of providers for our subject area in the UK.

“This is a highly impressive result given the complexities we’ve faced and modifications we have had to implement over the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Government restrictions. The consistency of quality that these results represent is a testament not only to the quality of the School but also to the close working relationship that we develop with our students in our professional community.”

In the National Student Survey 2020, Edge Hotel School was ranked 1st in the UK for its subject area, and the School is delighted to have maintained a consistent level of academic excellence and student experience in achieving a consecutive top three finish as we come to the end of this academic year.

Andrew said: “The Edge Hotel School is a unique exemplar of an institution built by the hospitality and events industry for those industries. Its commitment to ‘industry engaged education’ is very popular with industry as demonstrated by its levels of employment and also with students who have ensured its consistent top 3 place in the National Student Survey for two years running. 

“We are educating a new generation of young professionals who and are already feeding into the industry. Their education and syllabus has been developed in conjunction with and to reflect the need of the industry of the future. Flexible, adaptable thinking, high levels of industry exposure and practical experience are at the heart of our approach to undergraduate and postgraduate courses which are producing the talented young professionals of the future.”