Celebration of Essex research

  • Date

    Wed 16 Jun 21

Christine Raines at the Research Excellence Awards

Examples of the very best of Essex research will be showcased at our annual research awards event later this month.

For the second year running, the Celebrating Excellence in Research and Impact Awards has had to move online, but as Professor Christine Raines, Pro-Vice-Chancellor Research, explained this has some advantages.

“Moving it online means we can open up the event to a much wider audience. Normally only nominees and partner organisations can attend because we are limited by numbers, but when it is online colleagues and students from across the University, and indeed further afield, can attend.

“Once again we have an amazing range of projects which are making a difference to people’s lives, both in this country and abroad, so I am really pleased even more people can see the breadth and impact of Essex research,” she said.

There will be awards for early career researchers and research champions, as well as for individual projects in the following categories: enterprise and innovation, international research, UK public policy and interdisciplinary research. There will also be prizes for the authors of Essex’s best-read articles in The Conversation – the news-based website, written by academics.

The event will be run like the popular Essex CURE events, with academics involved in the winning projects giving a three-minute presentation on their research.

The Zoom event will take place at 5pm on Tuesday 29 June – you can register to attend online.