The Louder Than Words Podcast launches with focus on climate change

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    Thu 29 Apr 21

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The Louder Than Words Podcast launches this week with its first episode focusing on the challenges of climate change and the potential solutions.

Each episode of the Louder Than Words Podcast will look at a key global issue and give listeners a chance to hear from leading researchers, policy makers, thinkers and campaigners plus those directly affected by the issue.

In the first episode Professor Jules Pretty and journalist Martha Dixon, talk to some of the world’s leading climate experts about their work to fight climate change and to those who use this research to influence policy and engage the public.

Other episodes in the season will go on to look at migration, mental health, inequality and nature as therapy. 

With the University of Essex declaring a climate and ecological emergency at the end of last year and the UK due to host the UN Climate Change Conference later this year the first episode's theme is particularly timely.

The contributors to the first episode includes Tanya Steele, CEO of the UK's World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

She said: "We decided to participate because this is such a critical year for action on climate change, so the more voices that can be raised to draw attention both to the problems and the solutions, the better. 

"The role of the academic community, which the podcast highlights, is of central importance – providing the scientific basis through which we can press for policy change.

"I think the first episode is rich, varied and interesting. It’s great to hear ‘voices from the frontline’ – whether in Iceland or on what we might term the ‘natural frontline’ in the Antarctic.

"And I was particularly delighted to hear the passionate voice of the next generation – embodied by WWF youth ambassador Hattie Phillips.  It is young people who will change our global story – and for the better."

The first episode also includes writer and poet Andri Snaer MagnassonDr Michelle Taylor and Professor Graham Underwood from the University of Essex; environmentalist and company director Simon Lyster and WWF Youth Ambassador Hattie.

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The Louder Than Words Podcast

Professor Jules Pretty has been working with journalist Martha Dixon to create the Louder Than Words Podcast. This is the first podcast from the Centre for Public and Policy Engagement and was developed with CommsConsult. The Louder Than Words Podcast aims to show how research delivers solutions to global problems, how we can improve people’s lives and how we can inspire people to take action now.