Graduate Konstantina wins Study UK Alumni Award

  • Date

    Mon 1 Mar 21

Konstantina Bethani

Essex graduate Konstantina Bethani has won a Study UK Alumni Award in the EU Entrepreneurial category.

Konstantina, who gained a Masters in International Relations from Essex in 2007, is founder and CEO of Tenebra Studios, an independent video game and digital interactive software development company with high-profile partners in the public and private sectors in Greece. She is also one of the organisers of Digital Expo, the largest technology event in Greece.

Through her own initiative and funds, Tenebra Studios has created educational applications for refugees, released free educational games that enable children to familiarise themselves with technology and has been involved in research on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Konstantina has been proud of her work to challenge the gender gap in technology and promoting female leader roles worldwide for the last 15 years through mentoring and other roles.

She remembers her time at Essex as a life-changing experience. “I cannot stress enough how much my University of Essex experience has shaped and strengthened my personality,” she explained. “Prioritising, scheduling, task management, workload management and high stress tolerance are all skills gained while studying in Essex that helped me achieve my success.”

The Alumni Awards recognise UK alumni who have distinguished themselves through exemplary leadership and achievements in their professional industry, and who can demonstrate the impact and scale of their achievements in their profession, and beyond.

Konstantina’s drive and leadership skills has helped her overcome many obstacles in the past 15 years to make Tenebra Studios the success it is today and is truly inspiring to other women keen for success in the world of technology.

“I have proven to myself that the opportunities are limitless and that I am unstoppable. I wouldn't change a day of it. I strongly believe that it’s important for younger generations to see the women they look up to in prominent roles. Having positive images of powerful, intelligent women making change in our industry sends the message that the opportunities are limitless, regardless of your gender.”

As for the advice she offers her mentees, she said: “I tell them to think big, start small. Follow the news and try to innovate as much as possible. I cannot stress enough the importance of work ethic, marketing your products and investing in capable colleagues. And never stop learning.”