Joint statement from the Vice Chancellor and President of the Students' Union

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    Tue 2 Feb 21

Woman typing on a laptop

A joint statement from Anthony Forster, Vice-Chancellor and Molly Purcell, President, Essex Students’ Union

Students are studying in the context of a deadly global pandemic which has placed unprecedented pressures on our students. At the University of Essex demands for hardship funds have increased by over 100%. As a result of the pandemic, students also face extraordinary mental health challenges and an Office for Students survey highlighted that 18% of students lack access to a computer, laptop or tablet. We are stretching ourselves educationally and financially to do all that we can to support our students to learn and to graduate on time. We believe additional government support is an urgent priority.

The Vice-Chancellor has led the publication of an open letter supported by other Vice-Chancellors, making the case for immediate action and the President of the Student’s Union has written to the Minister for Universities and the Education Secretary to demand support for students, a letter which has since been co-signed by 45 other Students' Unions

We believe Government can and must play its full part in ensuring fairness between generations – and that university students are not forgotten or left behind.

Anthony Forster, Vice-Chancellor; Molly Purcell, President, Essex Students’ Union