YUFE Academy 2020 lectures launched

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    Mon 19 Oct 20

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Students, staff and members of our local community are invited to find out more about the Young Universities for the Future of Europe alliance, YUFE, by taking part in the first edition of the YUFE Academy.

For five weeks throughout November and December, the YUFE Academy is offering four online lectures a week across the alliance’s YUFE universities – which includes Essex – letting participants 'travel' through ten European countries and get a unique experience of attending 20 very different academic lectures.

Participants can follow all 20 online lectures, or choose which ones to attend. The lectures have been devised as building blocks to help broaden understanding of YUFE and its values, for students, staff and anyone else taking part.

The first area of focus for the YUFE Academy in 2020 is "European identity and responsibilities in a global world". Lectures will cover the values, culture, and roots of contemporary Europe, but also look ahead to the future of Europe, as well as at economic changes, and education and tourism, in the world of and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

In keeping with the open spirit of the YUFE alliance, participants are encouraged to ask questions and comments throughout the lecture series. Take a look at the lectures on offer and register to take part via the course descriptions.

The YUFE alliance includes ten young, research-intensive universities, and is one of 17 alliances of European universities selected by the European Commission to take part in its programme to create European universities by bringing together institutions from across the continent. Find out more about our involvement.