YUFE: bringing European study to Essex students

  • Date

    Wed 29 Jul 20


We are delighted to announce that the first courses being offered to Essex students by the Young Universities for the Future of Europe (YUFE) alliance will be starting in September 2020.

Applications are now open for a limited number of Essex students to sign up to the YUFE ‘introduction offer’.

This offer gives Essex students a first opportunity to discover the YUFE student journey, initially by taking a maximum of two online YUFE academic courses and/or one online YUFE language course at one or more of our partner universities which could be a stepping-stone for students to become further involved with YUFE.

All YUFE modules taken by Essex students will count towards their degree, and initially YUFE universities will be offering courses as blended and online learning.

If you’re a student interested in applying you must already be registered at Essex, and in your second or later year of undergraduate study in 2020-2021, and studying on a Humanities or Social Science course. If you’re a postgraduate student you can be at any stage of your course.

The YUFE alliance brings together ten young research-intensive universities – including Essex – and we are all committed to creating the leading model of a student-centred, non-elitist, open and inclusive European university.

View the programme catalogue on the YUFE website and apply.

Dr Nadine Rossol, Deputy Dean of Partnerships (Europe) at the University of Essex, said: “These new YUFE alliance introductory courses for students are the first exciting step for our students to become an important a part of a truly European university.

“But the student journey is only the start; working alongside the nine other research-intensive universities we’re also opening-up career development opportunities for staff, citizenship initiatives and support for our local communities, and partnership and training initiatives for business.”

YUFE is also planning a series of autumn events, including public virtual talks on the theme of ‘European identity’ featuring guest speakers from across the alliance.