Women of the Future scholar Rebeca explains her new role after Essex

  • Date

    Thu 20 Feb 20

Rebeca Nadar Lopez

One of our successful Women of the Future scholars is now working in Mexico City at the Federal Judicial Council, which is part of the Mexican Federal Judiciary.

Rebeca Nader, from Mexico, was one of 30 women on the University of Essex scholarship scheme, created to support intelligent and inspiring women from around the world and equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to empower them to become leaders and drivers of change.

The Federal Judicial Council is in charge of monitoring, discipline and organisation of the federal judicial branch. Its many roles include making sure there are enough personal and material resources allocated in all of the judiciary’s operations, including circuit courts, unitary tribunals and district courts.

Rebeca said another key role for the Council was being in charge of investigations and disciplinary procedures against nepotism and corruption practices, such as judges and magistrates who are found to be biased and not independent.

“What I enjoy the most about my job is the possibility of making fundamental changes in the administration of justice to make it more accessible for all the people facing judicial procedures,” she said. ”I firmly believe that if we manage to shorten the administration of justice and increase the professionalism of the people who do it, we will move forward as a country in every way. And that is what I hope to achieve for Mexico with my work, every day.”

Looking back at her time at Essex, Rebeca said: ”I learned many things, both academically and personally. Essex is a university that grants every student a wide opportunity to develop up to our best potential.”

Rebeca, who studied LLM in International Human Rights Law at Essex, added: “I would encourage every person to seek such an exceptional and valuable experience as the one that I had due to the Women of the Future scholarship scheme.

“Studying in an international environment, surrounded with people from all over the world, was definitely an eye-opening experience for me. Listening to many varied approaches to addressing complexities in different countries, definitely boosted my perception in a way I could not even imagine before.

“Overall, I would describe my experience at Essex as a life-changing and unforgettable one.”