Becky joins Essex Girls photography project to help challenge stereotype

  • Date

    Thu 12 Dec 19

Becky Scott

Student Services Supervisor Becky Scott, from Essex Business School, is featured in a new photography project aimed at challenging the ‘Essex Girl’ stereotype.

Southend-based photographer Mark Massey said the Essex Girl stereotype was a "combination of three biases all working together" – gender, geography and class – and that he, as a man with a working class background – wanted to explore each element in his work.

Becky – who describes herself as a ‘plus-size, fat-positive fitness instructor’ – volunteered to be part of Mark’s Essex Girls project, which aims to challenge the stereotype and show the diversity of women in the county.

She trained as an Exercise to Music instructor last year as she was aware of a gap in the market for woman who wanted to go to classes but felt they couldn’t for a wide variety of reasons.

“I wanted to create a space to encourage women to move their bodies and feel the joy of movement without the fear of being judged and without the constant (unhelpful and unnecessary) weight-loss talk,” explained Becky. ”Having a fat, friendly non-judgemental instructor puts them at ease and has allowed lots of women to give it a go who otherwise wouldn’t. They’re reaping the benefits of exercise – improved wellbeing and self-confidence, along with improved fitness and strength.”

Becky started her classes last May in Colchester and promotes positive well-being beyond physical fitness.

“The wonderful women who come to my classes leave feeling happy, satisfied and energised – that is all of the motivation they need to continue to enjoy activity and movement, and all the motivation I need as an instructor.” she added.

Picture courtesy of Mark Massey.