Latest ISER findings on impact of Ofsted covered by The Observer

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    Mon 20 May 19


The Observer reports that researchers from the Institute for Social and Economic Research have helped identify the potentially negative impact of a good Ofsted report on GCSE exam performance.

As GCSE exam season starts this week, new research has found a positive Ofsted rating can have a surprising negative impact on students.

Parents with kids in schools that received a better than expected Ofsted report are much more likely to reduce help with homework and this can have a damaging impact on GCSE results.

The ratings have the opposite effect on students who increase the time they spend studying after a good Ofsted rating, but the dramatic drop in help from their parents appears to be very damaging.

Students from schools who receive a positive report from Ofsted early in the academic year perform significantly worse than those who receive the same information closer to exam time.

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