Human Rights Postgraduate Students Visit Geneva

  • Date

    Fri 26 Apr 19

Twenty Human Rights LLM and MA students led by two members of academic staff, recently visited Geneva on the Centre’s annual study trip.

The Geneva trip is one of two overseas field visits students have the opportunity to participate in whilst studying Human Rights at Essex; the other being to Kosovo. These visits comprise core components of the Centre’s commitment to promoting student’s knowledge of how human rights are applied in practise and often prove to be a real highlight of the academic year, for both students and staff alike. 

The visit to Geneva enables our students to attend key sessions of core human rights bodies and to meet with some of the professionals who contribute to the promotion and protection of human rights across the globe. This year students visited the Human Rights Council, attended the 125th session of the Human Rights Committee at the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner, as well as meetings with professionals at the International Committee of the Red Cross and the World Health Organisation. These visits provided students with not only the opportunity to gain an insight into how these institutions operate, but invaluable networking opportunities with key human rights professionals. 

Every year a highlight of the trip is the evening meal existing students share with some of the many Essex alumni who have successfully secured professional human rights careers in Geneva. This year this included ///, /// and ///. 

Trip leader and lecturer Tara Van Ho who was instrumental in organising the Centre’s very first trip to the city whilst an LLM student at Essex, said: 
“This trip is a valuable opportunity for the students to understand how human right law is advocated for, developed, implemented, and enforced at the international level. The students are exposed to a variety of actors with different roles in this process, making it an eye-opening experience. It is always a pleasure to watch as students wrestle with the issues that arise throughout the week, deepening their knowledge and advocacy skills as a result.”