UK Parliament input into Essex politics degrees

  • Date

    Tue 26 Feb 19

Essex politics students will get a unique insight into the workings of the UK Parliament thanks to a new Parliamentary Studies module being introduced into a number of degree programmes from October.

The module will be taught in collaboration with the UK Parliament and will cover not only the workings of both Houses of Parliament, but also the role of Select Committees, the role and work of MPs and how the UK Parliament interacts with other Parliaments.

 Professor Shane Martin from the Department of Government, said: “We are delighted to partner the UK Parliament in offering this cutting-edge module on Parliamentary Studies. Recent and ongoing events highlight the importance of Parliament as the cornerstone of UK democracy. Our students will really benefit from being taught both by academics, who can provide the academic and theoretical framework, and by those actually working in Parliament, who can provide a practical and vocational perspective.”

Speaker of the House of Commons and University of Essex Chancellor John Bercow, who studied politics at Essex, said: “There can be no better time to learn about politics than right now when the topic is on everyone’s mind.

“Our Parliamentary Studies module brings the procedures of the House of Commons and House of Lords to life, providing a wonderful complement to on-campus teaching with a range of resources and services aimed at engaging students and university staff”

Essex is one of 24 universities selected to deliver the module. It will be offered as part of the following courses:  BA Politics; BA Politics and International Relations; BSc Politics and International Relations; BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics; BA Politics with Human Rights; BA Political Economics; BA International Relations; BSc Economics and Politics; BA International Development.