Successful International Day of Women and Girls in Science Event

  • Date

    Fri 22 Feb 19

On 11 February 2019, the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering celebrated for the first time the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. As part of the celebration Rohima Abedin, an interview coach, ran a 1-to-1 interview coaching session throughout the day. The sessions were approximately 45 mins and it gave an opportunity for students to express their key areas of concern around job hunting post-graduation. Their needs varied from being unhappy with their current CV, to having no idea on where to begin on their job search. A few also needed confidence boosting and a reminder that they are good enough to go after their dream jobs. 

I was delighted to be involved in running a career coaching workshop as part of International Day of Women & Girls in Science on the 11th February. The workshop was a huge success and my only regret is I couldn’t see everyone that had expressed an interest to see me. […] It’s extremely important the students felt heard and their own individual concerns were being addressed. For me, delivering 1-2-1 sessions was incredibly valuable. It meant a real focus on each student. The feedback received as each student left the room was very positive.” said Rohima.

Successful International Day of Women and Girls in Science Event

A parallel outreach activity was carried out this day to promote STEM subjects as a career path for women: “This Girl Can: Make it happen”. The School welcomed 60 female Year 9 (aged 13-14) students onto the Colchester campus for a day of discovery. The day started with an inaugural talk by Prof. Maria Fasli and continued with a programme of workshops (tech Girls Challenge and Body Perception), and a Tech speed-networking session to encourage the young females to pursue their STEM dreams. For the Tech speed-networking, the attendees were professional females from the University (CSEE, Mathematics and Journalism) and representatives from the following companies: LinkLaters LLP, BMW Group/Mini, American Airlines, Royal Astronomical Society, Manchester Airports Group, BT, Virtual Admin Assistance, Mondaq Ltd and TechGirls.