Academic from Spanish university awarded short-stay placement at Essex Business School

  • Date

    Wed 20 Feb 19

Eva Maria de la Torre Garcia

Eva Maria de la Torre Garcia, Assistant Lecturer and Researcher from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid has been chosen to take part in the YERUN Research Mobility Awards (YRMA).

Eva was selected out of a total of 88 applicants to take part in the YERUN Research Mobility Awards (YRMA), which allows academics from international institutions to work together on research projects and share ideas.

Eva, who works at the Department of Economics and Public Policy at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid explains why she applied for the YRMA placement at Essex.

She said “I chose Essex because of its high-quality research in my field. I feel very fortunate and grateful for the support the grant entails for a young researcher like me. Post-doctorate research experiences abroad are very important for the career development of young researchers.”

Eva will work at Essex Business School and continue her research between universities and their socioeconomic surroundings and the workings behind university-industry knowledge exchange.

She said: “At Essex Business School I intend to use my public policy expertise combined with Essex’s management perspective; and I hope we can get interesting findings for publication in this area of research.

“This scheme would be a great opportunity to collaborate with strong researchers from whom I could learn and widen the scope of my work. I look forward to living a new academic experience and learn about Essex’s research methods.

“I hope my stay will be the beginning of a long-lasting collaboration between both Madrid and Essex research groups which will benefit us all.”

The call for the YERUN Research Mobility Awards opens every October. If you are interested in applying, please visit the YERUN website