Student reflects on how her time at Essex helped shape her future

  • Date

    Thu 23 Aug 18

Justine Duncan

An American student and scholarship winner has decided to make the UK her home after an internship led to a permanent position in digital marketing.

Art student Justine Duncan, from California, chose Essex as a stepping stone to a new career. She was one of 30 exceptional women to be awarded one of our Women of the Future Scholarships. The scheme was created to support intelligent and inspiring students from around the world and equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to become leaders and drivers of change.

Justine hopes to use her marketing skills to shape a world where women and girls feel comfortable in their own bodies. “My ultimate goal would be a career in advertising where I have influence to empower current and future generations of girls and women to feel their place in the world is limitless. As a woman, I have experienced and witnessed the negative effects that advertising and the media can have on females, and my hope is to be an agent of change.”

With a background in art, Justine came to Essex eager to hone her research and critical thinking skills. She says: “The professors were very helpful and I did not feel hesitant to ask questions. In fact, asking questions and initiating discussions were appreciated and welcomed by all of my professors.”

After researching many different programs she believed Essex was the perfect fit for her future career ambition due to the strength of the combined advertising, marketing, and media Master’s program.

“I’m so excited to apply everything I have learned during my time at uni to a position in marketing!”