Improving the quality of research in China

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    Thu 26 Jul 18

Front cover of new book on sharing data

Data experts from Essex are helping to improve the quality of research in China by providing guidance on the best way of collecting, storing and using data, so it can aid research, without compromising an individual’s privacy

Since the early 2000s the UK Data Service has led the way in supporting and training researchers on how to create high-quality data, which can then be shared. In 2014 it produced ‘Managing and Sharing Data: A Guide to Good Practice’, covering the legal and ethical issues of sharing data. This has now been translated into Chinese.

One of the authors, Louise Corti, said: “This is a real step forward for our work. This was already a comprehensive guide to best practice for preserving and sharing data for social science research and it is used in the UK, America and across Europe, but it’s now possible for the first time for our colleagues in China to learn from our 20-plus years of experience in the field."

As with the English edition, it’s illustrated with case studies and exercises to help people understand the issues, and I hope it’s going to prove really useful for the growing social science research community in China.”

The translation was instigated by Yin Shenqui of Fudan University in Shanghai, who was keen for students, researchers and support staff in China to benefit from the UK Data Service’s experience.  Louise will deliver a keynote speech on data sharing at an international conference in China in October.