Researchers to serve up a Pint of Science

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    Thu 26 Apr 18

Pint of Science organisers

How are European consumers fuelling poverty in Brazil? Why should you keep sharing your data online? How can we save native Essex oysters?

Essex lecturers will be answering these questions and more as the Pint of Science festival comes to Colchester for the first time on 14-16 May. 

Pint of Science is the world’s largest festival of public science talks, bringing the latest findings to local pubs. Colchester’s event will see 20 researchers speaking on topics ranging from the environment to big data to global politics at the Three Wise Monkeys, V-Bar and Queen Street Brewhouse.

The Colchester festival has been arranged by a group of Essex research students and staff, including biological sciences PhD student Jim Stevens. 

Our students and staff who are organising Colchester's Pint of Science)
Our students and staff who are organising Colchester's Pint of Science

Jim said: “We wanted to bring the Pint of Science festival to Colchester as we believe it's a great idea - showcasing our research to the public. The event is for anyone with an interest in science and how it interacts with politics and society. As well as the talks there’ll be quizzes, prizes and all sorts of entertainment.” 

Professor Christine Raines, Pro-Vice-Chancellor Research said: “Research is vital for finding new knowledge to improve our society. Pint of Science brings an insight into what we’re working on to your local. Visitors will hear about new discoveries that could influence their lives, direct from the researchers making those discoveries.”