Women of the Future has shown me how to aim high

  • Date

    Thu 5 Apr 18

Tanya Ramirez

Thirty inspirational women from across the world have been awarded a masters scholarship at Essex thanks to our highly-successful Women of the Future Appeal. Here is the latest story in a series focusing on some of these women scholars.

Tanya Ramirez from Mexico, who is studying for a Masters in Data Science, is thankful the Women of the Future scholarship has given her financial support to pursue her studies in the UK.

“I had always looked for places that recognised and empowered women, so when I found out about the Women of the Future scholarship, I was determined to be part of a scheme that supports women to achieve their aspirations,” she explained.

There were several reasons why Tanya wanted to study at Essex. “One of my most beloved teachers at my university gained her PhD at Essex. In my field of Data Science and Mathematics, Essex is one of the most highly-recognised universities in the UK and it is one of the most international universities in the world resulting in a friendly and diverse community.”

Tanya found that Essex has exceeded her expectations. “The international environment of the University makes you really feel like home even when you are thousands of kilometres away from your country. Here you can meet and build relationships with people from all over the world and I am sure the memories I’ve created here will last a lifetime.

“One of the things that most impressed me about the University is the power that the students have. The Students’ Union has a voice and they use it to make academic and social changes that improve student life for the better.”

Tanya hopes to use her knowledge and expertise to work in a data science consulting company. She feels her scholarship has been a rewarding experience not just for her, but for all the students who were successful in their applications.

She said: “From all the women I have met on the scheme, all of us have amazing stories and I am sure we will all achieve higher things in the future. This scholarship has shown me how to aim high and one day I would like to create my own environment that supports bright women with future potential.”