Focusing on the human rights of children in Asia

  • Date

    Thu 5 Apr 18

Human rights conference

The human rights of children in Asia was the focus of the 10th annual Human Rights in Asia Conference at the University.

Hosted and organised by postgraduate students from our Human Rights Centre, with the supervision of Dr Sanae Fujita, the conference enabled students and participants to meet and network with researchers and human rights professionals.

It was also a chance to deepen the understanding of human rights not only in Asia, but throughout the world and helps students gain practical skills for their future careers.

The Human Rights in Asia Conference was created to explore various human rights issues in Asia that are often neglected in human rights education in the UK, despite the continent’s large population and political importance.

The conference highlighted specific rights including the rights of girls, refugees and internally displaced children, survivors of child trafficking, and children in armed conflict.

The experts and practitioners who spoke about their insight to these issues included Kara Apland, Senior Researcher at Coram International, Carla Ferstman, former Director of REDRESS and current lecturer on refugee law at Essex, Horia Mosadiq, an Afghan human rights defender and journalist and Steve Webster, Chief Operating Officer at International Justice Mission UK.

Pictures of the conference are on Facebook.