Scholarship is a path for Elnara to reach her future goals

  • Date

    Wed 28 Feb 18

Elnara Khalilova

Elnara Khalilova is hoping her Women of the Future Scholarship will help her reach her goal of taking her career to the next level.

The scholarship scheme was created to support intelligent and inspiring women from around the world and equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to empower them to become leaders and drivers of change.

As one of the 30 women to receive the scholarship, Elnara is now studying for her Masters in Management at Essex Business School.

“The Women of the Future Scholarship inspires brave and intelligent women to get into education and encourage them to apply for higher education,” said Elnara. “I appreciate the University of Essex for giving me this opportunity and I feel like Essex also appreciates me and other women from around the world.”

After graduating at the top of her class at the Azerbaijan University of Languages in 2012, Elnara started her career and gained experience multiple top companies in Azerbaijan for five years.

During her career she realised she was interested in management and organisational strategies, and wanted to get further knowledge related to business and management in order to take her career to the highest level. Therefore, she decided to go on with her education and study for a Masters in Management.

“I reached my target of getting a job in the companies I wanted to work for in Azerbaijan. I did love my job, but I wanted more and I needed more in order to improve myself and get to the highest level I wanted in my career. If you finish all your goals and don’t set new ones, it means you’re not alive.”

She decided that studying in the UK was the best option for her. “I chose Essex as it is known for having top quality education and research opportunities, as well as a strong international ranking. When I came and started my life here, I realised that it was a right decision as all the lecturers and administrative staff were very friendly, kind and supporting, and always wanted to help both in academic and personal issues or problems.”

Looking far into the future, Elnara eventually hopes to go on with her career, be a successful professional and manager and own her own business after continuing to studying at Essex and earn her PhD.