New directions in social and cultural history

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    Thu 8 Feb 18

New Directions in Social and Cultural History cover

What does it mean to be a social and cultural historian today? In the wake of the 'cultural turn', and in an age of digital and public history, what challenges and opportunities await historians in the early 21st century?

In a new book co-edited by Professor Lucy Noakes, from our Department of History, leading historians reflect on key developments in their fields and argue for a range of 'new directions' in social and cultural history.

New Directions in Social and Cultural History has been described as “nuanced, thought-provoking,” “impressive,” and “engaging.”

Focusing on emerging areas of historical research such as the history of the emotions and environmental history, New Directions in Social and Cultural History is an invaluable guide to the current and future state of the field.

The edited collection is the first in the new Social History Society book series, which sets out to be home for innovative and interdisciplinary research within social and cultural history.

Alongside Lucy, the series is co-edited by Anglia Ruskin historian Professor Rohan McWilliam and University of Manchester historian Dr Sasha Handley. Professor Pamela Cox, Chair of the Social History Society and Professor of Sociology at the University of Essex, has written the book's foreword.


“An impressive, well-written volume that not only addresses the current state of play in social and cultural history, but relates it to influential political and intellectual movements and points to future trends.”

Professor June Purvis, Emeritus Professor of Women's and Gender History, University of Portsmouth, UK


“In mapping a field characterised by dialogue and collaboration, [New Directions in Social and Cultural History] historicises current practice, contests conventional categories, and explores new approaches and cross-disciplinary encounters.”

Professor Claire Langhamer, Professor of Modern British History, University of Sussex, UK


“New Directions in Social and Cultural History's lively essays and essential introduction show us how the discipline has evolved. It is filled with analysis that is nuanced, thought-provoking, and attuned to how past and present intersect.”

Professor Susan R. Grayzel, Professor of History, Utah State University, USA