Rebels with a cause, rebels with a voice

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    Thu 23 Nov 17

Elise Kumm in the Rebel studios

You might have heard Rebel Radio playing in one of the SU shops on campus or even read about them in the local paper, but Rebel is so much more.

This is a record year for Rebel with more than 60 students working as volunteers behind the microphones, operating the cameras, writing articles or undertaking interviews.

Multimedia journalism student, Shakiyah Branch sat with some of the students on the Rebel team and Peter Coxell, Societies and Creative Studios Coordinator to learn more about Rebel. 

“Rebel is a multimedia platform ‘created for students by students’ that aims to inform and entertain students on campus,” said Peter, who helped found Rebel.

“Just a little over two years ago, we got new facilities including these two radio studios and a TV studio. We decided to change student media quite radically, before we had a student newspaper; The Rabbit, student TV; SX TV, and student radio; Red Radio. We decided to bring them together as one group that works closely together, instead of three separate groups. Essentially because of the way that the internet has changed and the way people consume media, we wanted to encourage people to put the story first and use the tools to find the best way to tell the story.”

The Rebel team)
The Rebel team

Currently Rebel has 60 student volunteers on their committee.

Film and Creative Writing student Elise Kumm, is one of the 60 student volunteers and is Head of Video at Rebel, She said: “Rebel is very welcoming. We’ve got different ways to get involved: if you're shy and not sure if you want to commit, we've got workshops and Story Sprints as a one-off taster; if you want to gain media skills or learn new software and tech, workshops are good for the basics; if you want to refine your skills and get more practical experiences will give you the help and support you need.”

Rebel now publishes a magazine every term and regularly updates articles on their website. Rebel radio is broadcast live 24/7 and Rebel TV also has live broadcasts and air videos. As the coordinator Peter runs the studios and its facilities and looks after Rebel, by mentoring students and encouraging them to generate ideas and go out and get their stories.

“I don’t have any editorial control, it’s called student media for a reason, it’s the students that have the editorial control,” explains Peter. “My aim for this year is to make Rebel more well-known because the facilities and opportunities here are amazing. We know they are amazing - we want more people to know and to benefit.”

Peter Coxell overseeing a student's work on the Rebel website)
Peter Coxell overseeing a student's work on the Rebel website

Rebel isn’t another class or module where you’re told what to do, it is an opportunity to find a new hobby and get involved on campus. You contribute and participate as much as you want.

Elise said: “I've put my all into Rebel and by doing so, I've learned so much and gained invaluable experiences. I've probably tripled the knowledge I got from my degree by doing video and film related projects daily on the side, met wonderful people and got a selection of videos for my portfolio - some of which have even gained some national recognition. Above all - I've had an incredibly exciting time these past two years and watching Rebel grow as I'm developing myself has been amazing.”

Everyone is invited to join. There’s something for everyone. Whether you want to write, be on camera or behind it you can get involved, regardless of how much experience you have.

Jesse Harrison Lowe)
Jesse Harrison Lowe

Third year History and Politics student, Jesse Harrison Lowe said: “I joined Rebel in my first year, I was really scared when I first arrived on campus, I thought joining Rebel would give me a chance to meet new people that probably have similar interests. Now in my third year, I’ve gained a lot more confidence by having to go out and interview people.”

Peter encourages everyone on campus to watch or join Rebel: “This is media from a student’s perspective it’s a unique perspective you wouldn’t necessarily get from other mainstream media. If you’re a part of Rebel, it’s the opportunity to have your say and find your voice if you’re passionate about something or if there’s an injustice on campus you want to talk about, you have the opportunity to tell the story. It’s also creative, if you want to make a short film or have an idea for a TV series you can make it. Here you have creative freedom which you might not get elsewhere.”