State-of-the-art new facilities for healthcare students

  • Date

    Mon 6 Nov 17

New hospital ward teaching facility

We’ve celebrated the opening of state-of-the-art new teaching facilities for healthcare students, including a hospital ward with robotic patients that can simulate a range of medical conditions.

The new teaching space was formally opened by Professor Graham Underwood, Executive Dean for Science and Health, and Vikki-Jo Scott, Head of the School of Health and Social Care

Vikki-Jo said: “It’s great to have these facilities for students on our wide range of healthcare courses to be able to learn and practice their skills in preparation for their placements and future careers. The new labs provide an environment as close to a real hospital setting as possible.”

The Ward is fitted out as a standard hospital ward with electronic mannequin patients that can simulate conditions including sickness, chest infections and heart attacks. Students can practice treatments on the mannequins, which are also realistically weighted so skills in moving and handling patients can be perfected. 

The new space also includes six consultancy rooms which can be used for one-to-one sessions with patients. Adapted living options can be demonstrated in a lab set up as a home with bathroom, kitchen, stairs, bedroom and living room, equipped with features such as hoists, wall bars and adjustable worktops. 

We’ve also invested in equipment to help students simulate old age and degenerative conditions. A wearable suit demonstrates the impact of impairments such as sight loss, hearing loss, joint stiffness, loss of strength, reduced grip and reduced coordination. 

The opening of the labs was celebrated by staff and students on 2 November.