Reality merges with fantasy to give us a new view of the world

  • Date

    Fri 7 Jul 17

Tablet using augmented reality

The way we view the world could be about to change forever, with reality merging with fantasy - just like Pokemon Go.

CGEye Ltd, imagery, visuals and animation specialists, and our School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering are joining forces to develop an augmented reality tool kit which would allow developers to combine GPS mapping technology with computer-generated graphics.

The project opens up amazing creative potential, as it would, for example, mean as you toured the ruins in Rome, you could enhance your tour by augmenting the impressive architecture, which used to stand pride of place in the Vatican City, into a scene.

"We see augmented reality as game-changing technology when it comes to better understanding the world around us and with the abundance of mobile devices in circulation, we already have the ideal platform. By exploiting GPS and satellite technology more we will give developers all the tools they need to unleash their creativity. We think AR should be fully inclusive and we believe the end users should have a say in which information gets shared, not just the app developers. It’s true democratisation and our toolkit will make it possible."
Paul Smith Production Director, CGEye

The 30-month project will be part-funded by Innovate UK and will take place through the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) initiative – a world-leading programme that helps businesses innovate by connecting them to the UK’s wealth of academics.

“Augmented reality (AR) is a relatively new technology with huge potential to impact industry and enhance our understanding across a multitude of channels. CGEye’s novel approach to geolocation and satellite technology will open up a wide range of options for developers, expanding the reach of AR to increase accessibility in this area and we are excited by this new partnership.”
Dr Adrian Clark School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering