WillisPalmer moves to Parkside Office Village

  • Date

    Fri 24 Feb 17

One of the leading providers of social work, psychology and therapy services in the UK, Willis Palmer, has moved onto Parkside Office Village.

We caught up with Managing Director Mark Willis to find out more about the company and its plans for the future.

How would you describe your company in five words?

"Professional, ethical, child-focussed, reliable, efficient"

What does WillisPalmer do?

"We help organisations that work with children and families through provision of a range of specialist social work and psychological services. As a social worker owned and operated company we understand the needs of organisations where there are safeguarding concerns or mental health needs.

"Our customers come from a range of sources but primarily we work with local authority children’s services across the UK helping to deliver safer outcomes for children. We also work with solicitors, educational establishments and the private sector to provide high quality social care services.

"We have over 300 social workers and psychologists within the organisation and conduct work throughout the UK and internationally."

How does it feel to move onto Parkside Office Village?

"Parkside really appealed to us not only because of the excellent design of the new buildings; it gave us flexible space in which we can grow but also provided potential links to the University. Having previously participated in a major research study with the University of Oxford we are committed to working with academic institutions to evaluate good practice, share our knowledge and improve what we deliver.

"We also came here as it’s an exciting place to be for our office based team with access to the great facilities at the University."

What are your plans for the future?

"We have big plans. We're aiming to become the number one provider of social work and psychological services in the UK. We are currently developing a dedicated risk assessment service for local authorities as well as a range of service improvement programs which we want to roll out in the next 12 months. We are recruiting all the time into our office based team and are certainly interested in the university intern program. It’s exciting times!"