Human Rights Centre Book Launch Event

New Releases in International Law from the Human Rights Centre

  • Tue 4 Jun 24

    12:00 - 14:00

  • Colchester Campus

    Lakeview Meeting Room

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    Human Rights Centre Speaker Series

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The University of Essex Human Rights Centre is delighted to host a book launch celebrating three ground-breaking new publications by our members and fellows. Join us for a stimulating discussion chaired by Dr Antonio Coco, Essex Law School, exploring vital issues at the forefront of international law.

Featured books

The Regulation of Intelligence Activities under International Law By Dr Sophie Duroy (Edward Elgar, 2023)

Presenting a thorough examination of intelligence activities in international law, Sophie Duroy provides theoretical and empirical justifications to support the cutting-edge claim that states’ compliance with international law in intelligence matters serves their national security interests. This book theorises the regulation of intelligence activities under international law, identifying three layers of regulation: a clear legal framework governing intelligence activities (legality); a capacity to enforce state responsibility (accountability); and the integration of legality and accountability into responsive regulation by the international legal order (compliance).
Prohibited Force: The Meaning of 'Use of Force' in International Law By Dr Erin Pobjie (Cambridge University Press, 2024).

Prohibited 'use of force' under article 2(4) of the UN Charter and customary international law has until now not been clearly defined, despite its central importance in the international legal order and for international peace and security. This book accordingly offers an original framework to identify prohibited uses of force, including those that use emerging technology or take place in newer military domains such as outer space. In doing so, Erin Pobjie explains the emergence of the customary prohibition of the use of force and its relationship with article 2(4) and identifies the elements of a prohibited 'use of force'. In a major contribution to the scholarship, the book proposes a framework that defines a 'use of force' in international law and applies this framework to illustrative case studies to demonstrate its usefulness as a tool for legal scholars, practitioners and students. This title is also available as Open Access on Cambridge Core.

Military Investigations in Armed Conflict: Independence and Impartiality By Dr Claire Simmons (Routledge, 2024)

A critical exploration of the legal framework and standards for independent, impartial investigations into alleged war crimes during armed conflicts. An essential reference for military accountability. “An allegation is made that a war crime was committed by a soldier during a conflict. Who should investigate the allegation? How should they investigate? This book explores a topic of critical importance in legal and policy discussions surrounding the accountability of military operations in armed conflict. It provides the international legal framework necessary to address these questions and establishes the precise standards of independence and impartiality as applicable to investigations in armed conflict.”

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