Hetain Patel: The Jump

  • Fri 9 Feb - Fri 22 Mar 24


  • Colchester Campus

    Art Exchange

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    Arts, culture and performances

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    Art Exchange

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The Jump takes inspiration from Hollywood action superhero films and the domestic setting of Hetain Patel’s grandmother’s home.

We find Hetain Patel dressed in a homemade Spiderman outfit leaping off his grandmother’s living room sofa as his extended family look on.

Shot in slow motion with an orchestral soundtrack taking it into the realms of epic cinema, The Jump simultaneously imitates the production values of big budget action movies, while revealing the artist’s hopes and dreams. In doing so, it creates a space that reflects our collective desire for shared experiences and role models, while also reminding us of his family’s leap of faith when they migrated to the UK in the 1960s.

The exhibition also includes newly created paintings by Hetain Patel that further expand on themes and ideas raised in the film.

Free admission.

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Hetain Patel: The Jump