Rupture, Repetition and Repair In Group and Organisational Life

Essex Group Relations Conference 2023

  • Fri 3 - Sun 5 Mar 23


  • Colchester Campus

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    Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies, Department of

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    Dr Chris Nicholson

Study the unconscious life of groups from the inside.

The conference is online on the Friday 3 March, and live on campus on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 March.


£600 External attendees

£500 University of Essex staff/students

£50 Early bird discount till 6 February 2023

This conference is an experiential and accelerated learning event which is suitable for anyone who works in groups or complex organisations, whether in intense business, therapeutic or social work settings, or emergency services, armed forces or HMPs.  

The conference itself becomes a temporary organisational system in which individual, group and organisational dynamics can be explored live as they happen within a series of different group contexts each with its own set task. 

The conference has a theme indicated by the title above.  Prior to the conference we will send you a conference booklet which you can use to contemplate the theme and how this resonates for you in different ways, for example, professionally, academically and personally. Alongside the conference staff team who bring their expertise in psychoanalytic and systemic practice, we shall explore the conference as it emerges from our group dynamics.   

While we are a temporary organisation, the conference is not a closed system since we all bring with us into the setting our familial and societal experiences of this period. While the conference is an opportunity for individual and group learning it is also a chance to research and better understand our responses and relations to the period in which we live, or which lives in us. 

Rupture, Repetition and Repair In Group and Organisational Life

Conference Organisers:

Chris Nicholson Conference Director

Maxine Dennis Associate Director

Gwen Hanrahan Associate Director - Administration

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