Dissemblage. Machinic Capitalism and Molecular Revolution

  • Wed 25 Jan 23

    12:00 - 14:00

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    Gerald Raunig, Zurich University & Transversal Texts

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    Lectures, talks and seminars
    Centre for Commons Organising, Values Equalities and Resilience (COVER) Research Seminar Series

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    Centre for Commons Organising Values Equalities and Resilience

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    COVER Research Centre

The Centre for Commons Organising, Values Equalities and Resilience (COVER) welcome you to join this online seminar with guest speaker Gerald Raunig from Zurich University and Transversal Texts.

Seminar summary

Seminar and discussion with Gerald Rauinig on his new book Dissemblage.

Following Dividuum (2015), Gerald Raunig presents the second volume of “Machinic Capitalism and Molecular Revolution.” Dissemblage unfolds a wild abundance of material of unruliness, from the multilingual translation machines of Al-Andalus to the queer mysticism of the High Middle Ages, from the small voices of the falsetto in 20th century jazz and soul to today’s disjointures and subjunctures against the smooth city in machinic capitalism.

In this volume Raunig not only develops a conceptual ecology of concepts of joining and jointing, but also undertakes an experiment in theoretical form. Semi-fictional interweaves with meticulously researched historical sources, mystical writings with letters from friends, philosophical fragments with poetic ritornellos. More than a narrative about dissemblages from social surrounds, thing-worlds, and ghost-worlds, the book itself is a dividual multiplicity in form and content, out of joint, in the joints, dissemblage.


How to attend this seminar

This seminar is free to attend with no need to register in advance.

We warmly welcome you to join us online on Wednesday 25 January 2023 at 12pm.

 Speaker bio

Gerald Raunig

Gerald Raunig is philosopher at the Zurich University of the Arts and co-editor of the multilingual publishing platform transversal texts (https://transversal.at). He is the author of Art and Revolution and A Thousand Machines. Dissemblage is the second volume of “Machinic Capitalism and Molecular Revolution,” following up on the conceptual lines of its first volume, Dividuum.