The story of Science and Religion

  • Mon 23 Jan - Mon 20 Mar 23


  • Colchester Campus

    Faith Centre

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    Faith Centre

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    Rev. John Allison (Methodist Chaplain)

Join us for a series of in-person talks during the Spring term 2023

This course tells the story of key figures in the history of science from Aristotle to Stephen Hawking.

It explores how their work has been influenced by or has influenced religious thinking. We shall explore why the ‘conflict thesis’ became popular in the 20th century and what lessons are to be learned for us today.

Join other staff and students at 4pm in the Faith Centre (Space 1) for a series of talks given by Rev. John Allison.

Schedule of talks

Date  Topic of talk
 Monday 23 January 

An introduction to Religion and Science
- Conflict, co-existence or co-operation?

 Monday 6 February  Greek science and early Cosmology

- Aristotle and philosophy in the pre-Christian era

 Monday 13 February  Arabic Science and the influence of Islam

- The Golden age of Islamic Science

 Monday 20 February  Galileo Galilei and the Catholic Church

- Revelation and Revolution

 Monday 27 February  Isaac Newton and Deism

- God’s role in creation

 Monday 6 March  Charles Darwin and the Evolution Debate

- Creation, creationism and evolution

 Monday 13 March  Albert Einstein and mystery in modern Physics

- Relativity and Quantum Physics

 Monday 20 March  Stephen Hawking, Cosmology and Creation

- God and the Big Bang