An exhibition which creates a platform for young artists who explore precariousness.

  • Tue 17 Jan - Fri 17 Feb 23


  • Colchester Campus

    Art Exchange

  • Event type

    Arts, culture and performances

  • Event organiser

    Art Exchange

  • Contact details

    Jessica Twyman, Curator

This exhibition creates a platform for artists who explore precariousness – from living within the permacrisis of UK politics, to navigating social justice and gender identity in an often hostile environment, while avoiding ‘bullshit jobs’ – and simply figuring out how to pay the rent.

While the artists in this show focus on the complexity of life in the UK today, they also reveal how communities stabilise themselves, often creating a support structure of mutual aid and interconnectedness.

‘Precarious’ is a collective act of defiance by artists, who utilise their imagination to reveal alternative ways of responding to their lived experience and the society we live in. It includes work by Tom Armstrong, Daisy Blower, Tom Bull, Iris Gunnarsdottir, Elsa James, Dion Kitson, Rudy Loewe, Rebecca Moss, Paul Westcombe and Josh C Wright.

The exhibition is open from 17.01.2023 until 17.02.2023 in the Art Exchange on Colchester campus 11.30am - 5pm, Tuesday - Friday.


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