Human Rights Week - Chalking of the Steps

  • Fri 9 Dec 22

    08:00 - 09:00

  • Colchester Campus

    Square 3

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    Lectures, talks and seminars
    Human Rights Week:

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    Human Rights Centre

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    Law and HRC Events and Communications Team

Please join us for the traditional Chalking of the Steps hosted by the University of Essex Human Rights Centre and the Human Rights Society


Human Rights Week: Chalking of the Steps

Each year, members of the Human Rights Society chalk the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights onto the steps between Squares 3 and 4 at our Colchester Campus. This year, to mark the ending of Human Rights the event will happen on Friday 09 December at 09:00 am GMT.

The articles are written in chalk to symbolise the vulnerability of human rights, with the fading of the chalk acting as a reminder of the importance of protecting universal human rights. That commitment is reaffirmed each year by a new group of students.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights will be available in English and other languages. If there is a particular language that you would like to write in, please do let the society know.

The Director of the Human Rights Centre, Dr Andrew Fagan & Casiana Lupu, President of the Human Rights Society, will be joining us, saying a few words on the importance of protecting Human Rights.

Everybody is welcome to get involved!

We will be providing the chalks and a voucher for a free sandwich and hot drink for those who come

Human Rights Week -  Chalking of the Steps

How to register

Friday 09 December 08:00 am GMT

Please register for this seminar on eventbrite

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