A systemic functional contribution to the approach of genres: implementation of the reading to learn cycle

A seminar from the Department of Language and Linguistics

  • Thu 1 Dec 22

    12:00 - 13:00

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    Karen Santorum

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    Lectures, talks and seminars

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    Language and Linguistics, Department of

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    Karen Roehr-Brackin

This presentation, framed by Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL) (Eggins and Martin, 1997; Gouveia, 1978; Halliday, 1994; Halliday and Hasan, 1989; Halliday and Matthiessen, 2004, 2014), aims to bring some of the principles of this theoretical approach and show how SFL can be implemented in the classroom through its methodological approach, provided by Genre-Based Pedagogy (GBP) (Martin and Rose, 2012; Rothery, 1996), namely the Reading to Learn Cycle (Rose, 2012; 2001; 2015; 2017; Martin, 2000; and Rose, 2005), which can be defined as a methodology for teaching reading and writing, in the most diverse contexts, based on a systemicist contribution.

The SFL shows itself as a suitable framework for teaching reading and academic writing in English, by focusing on the culture context, that is, genre, as well as the context of situation, when considering the variables responsible for the register with the choices made to produce these texts: field, relations, and mode (Halliday, 1994).

To express the implementation of the Cycle, we will present approaches to two different genres (Case Study, produced for the observation of trainee students in English language teaching degrees, and Drakeposting, from the meme’s family). Through this presentation, we intend to contribute to English teaching practices in teacher training contexts, offering a systemic functional contribution in approaching the genre of texts taught in the basic school curriculum.

Karen Santorum holds a Master's degree from the University of Santa Cruz do Sul - UNISC (2007), and a Doctorate in Linguistics by Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul - UFRGS (2019). She has a post-doctorate degree in Linguistics by Federal University of São Paulo - UNIFESP (2022). Currently, she is a professor at the Modern Foreign Languages Department (DLEM) of Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM) and member of the following research groups: Systemics, Environments, Languages (in Portuguese Sistêmica, Ambientes, Linguagens - SAL) affiliated to UFSM research area “Language in the Social Context”; Systemic Functional Research Group (GPESF) connected to the UFRGS Postgraduate Program in Linguistics “Language Studies”, and she is also a member of the Latin American Systemic Functional Linguistics Association (ALSFAL).