Lunchtime Eucharist

A pause in the day to be with God

What do you call it: the Eucharist? Lord’s Supper? Holy Communion?

However you describe it, everyone is welcome as we meet to celebrate Holy Communion using a short Church of England service. 

This is an informal service with no singing or sermon. It will last about 20 minutes, giving you a pause to pray and praise during the day.

If you have time to stay, please bring your lunch so we can eat together afterwards.

Find us from Square 2 by coming in the door marked 2NE between Essex Abroad and Zest. We are then signposted down the stairs. Step free access is via the lift at 4NW to level 3. Please follow the corridor round three sides to the Faith Centre (the lift at 2NE will take you to level 3, but there is a short flight of stairs).