EOptomizer launch and Workshop

Understanding Commercialisation Potential of Embedded Machine Learning Technology to Help in Achieving Net Zero Emissions

Welcome to the workshop and launch event of EOptomizer

The workshop and launch event of EOptomizer is organized by the University of Essex, hosted in Robinson College, Cambridge on 11th July 2022.

The purpose of the workshop is to bring industry professionals and academics from embedded machine learning space and semiconductor industry to evaluate the commercialisation potential of embedded machine learning technology in personal devices such as smartphones and tablets to help in achieving net zero emissions.

General information

A team of researchers at the University of Essex has developed a commercial app called EOptomizer that optimises the performance of other running apps on smartphones while optimising the battery life and thermal behaviour of the device using machine learning.

The same team, comprised of ex-Samsung, Microsoft and HCL employees, had earlier developed a machine learning based algorithm that optimises performance and battery life of future smartphone devices based on the user's interaction with the phone, which has appeared in several press including Business Weekly and The i News.

The app will be launched and demonstrated as part of a workshop, which will be attended by several industry leaders and practitioners, and organised by the University of Essex, hosted in Cambridge on 11th July. We have invited leading companies to participate and provide feedback.

This workshop is being organised as a part of the project titled “Understanding Commercialization Potential of Embedded Machine Learning Technology to Help in Achieving Net Zero Emissions,” funded by the University of Essex. The project proposes to explore the commercialisation potential of our embedded machine learning technology aimed at contributing to the Net Zero emissions goal of the UK.

You are cordially invited to attend the workshop. If interested, please apply through our Google Form.

The organising committee also have access to funding to support travel to the workshop venue. If you require funding, please indicate it in the relevant section of application on the Google Form (please note that funding is limited and thus not guaranteed).

As space at the venue is limited you will receive an email confirming whether or not you have secured a place, along with the status of any funding support you may have applied for.

Project/Workshop organisers and committees

Final programme

Start time End time Event Speaker
10:30am 11:00am Refreshments, registration and networking  
11:00am 11:15am Welcome and introduction by Chair Dr Amit Singh 
11:15am 11:25am Importance of sustainability (energy-efficiency and reliability) Prof. Ram Ramanathan and Dr Amit Singh
11:25am 11:40am Launch of EOptomizer  Somdip Dey 
11:40am 12:30pm Interaction with EOptomizer/Demos and feedback collection 
12:30pm 1:30pm Lunch  
1.30pm 2.00pm

Some technical contributions from the team:


    Embedded ML for energy- and thermal-efficiency of smartphones Somdip Dey
    Optimising QoE and energy-efficiency in smartphones Samuel Isuwa
2.00pm 3.00pm Interaction with EOptomizer/Demos and feedback collection
3.00pm 3.15pm Tea break and feedback collection  
3.15pm 3.45pm Interaction with EOptomizer/Demos and feedback collection
3.45pm 4.00pm Closing remarks