Essex Startups: Round Table - Wellbeing Management with Emma Swan from Thrive Safe

Monthly discussions with entrepreneurs to tackle the business topics you need advice on.

Here's your opportunity to chat amongst your fellow start-ups peers about any challenges you might face, share any insights and celebrate and support each other.

Already working hard on your business but feeling like you're doing it all alone? Are you stuck in some areas and have lots of questions? Or maybe you'd just like to mingle and meet some like-minded entrepreneurs.

For this session, we will be joined by Emma Swan, the Director of Thrive Safe.

Thrive Safe is a company focused on helping people to navigate difficult topics with safe non-judgmental conversations in order to improve the wellbeing of staff in the workplace. Through this, there are better outcomes for the business as well as the individuals, who are aided in improving experiences of stress, mental health and/or abuse.

Emma will be discussing the important topics of wellbeing management in the workplace, burnout, mental health and mindset, as well as recognising some of the influences on our stress levels and mental health.

Whatever's on your mind, we'd like to invite you to our Round Table Discussion. So bring your business questions and let's all have a chat!

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