Problem-solving Potential within the field of mathematics

  • Thu 24 Mar 22

    15:00 - 16:00

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  • Event speaker

    Eabhnat Ní Fhloinn and Aidan Fitzsimons

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    Lectures, talks and seminars

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    Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science, School of

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    Dmitry Savostyanov

These Departmental Seminars are for everyone in Maths. We encourage anyone interested in the subject in general, or in the particular subject of the seminar, to come along. It's a great opportunity to meet people in the Maths Department and join in with our community.

Problem-solving Potential within the field of mathematics

Problem-solving Potential (PsP) is a triad construct, developed as part of a doctoral study, that encompasses a student's mindset, their mathematical resilience, and their problem-solving skills; which together influence the student's potential in mathematical problem-solving. In this talk, I will outline that theory that underlines PsP, its relevance to the teaching of mathematics, and the context and environment in which the PsP has been studied thus far. 


Eabhnat Ní Fhloinn and Aidan Fitzsimons, Dublin City University

How to attend

If not a member of the Dept. Mathematical Science at the University of Essex, you can register your interest in attending the seminar and request the Zoom’s meeting password by emailing Dr Dmitry Savostyanov (d.savostyanov@essex.ac.uk)