Essex Startups: Environment Week - Sustainability Fair

Celebrate Environment Week with Essex Startups

Join us as we showcase brilliant businesses who are making the world a better place by being super sustainable.

The Fair is open between 1pm and 3pm. You can pop along any time you like during the timeframe and stay for as long as you like!

We will also have guest speakers discussing what it takes to incorporate sustainability into running your own business.

Our speakers:

Sarah Vargerson

Sarah set up Pantry Shelf in 2021, a service delivering sustainably packaged groceries. Pantry Shelf aims to make sustainable living accessible to more people in our community. They help their customers make small changes creating big impacts to their lives by reducing waste, living and working more sustainably.

Abel Akale

Abel is the founder of ONEOFFNATURE Ethical & Sustainable Upcycle Marketplace, home to unique emerging sustainable fashion.

Arma Karma

Arma Karma have designed their Possession-based insurance, and the company, to stand out from the crowd. Ethics and sustainability are at the heart of everything they do - with a 25% cut of every policy going to charity.