30 Minute Talks on Research: Study time, work and volunteering experience and during university

The role of expectations, preferences and constraints

  • Wed 16 Mar 22

    13:30 - 14:00

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    Dr Angus Holford

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    Lectures, talks and seminars

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    Faculty of Social Sciences

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    Claire Hudson

This paper estimates a model of time allocation decisions made by university students. We consider time spent on study and attendance, and on non-academic activities, such as job placements or volunteering. We use data collected through a recent survey of UK university students, on their subjective expectations about the returns to these activities for future earnings or job opportunities, and the enjoyment students derive from them, and estimate a “sufficient set logit” model that accounts for not all options being possible for all students. The analysis reveals significant ethnic differences in all these behaviours and expectations, but simulations suggest that existing constraints also play an important role in explaining these gaps.

This talk will follow a talk from Dr Helen M. Rand, Department of Sociology - Commercial sex markets in the digital age at 1pm

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A lecture being held in the Ivor Crewe building, University of Essex, with students listening.
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