Blackbullion’s Student Festival of Financial Wellbeing

We are supporting Blackbullion’s campaign throughout February, to help increase students’ financial wellbeing. Each week has a different theme, with short, interactive learning modules, a focused webinar each Wednesday afternoon, and prizes available for engaging with the campaign!

The themes are:

  • Week 1 – ‘Get’ – how you can improve your employability, side hustles and more
  • Week 2 – ‘Build’ – why you should want to build your wealth, handling your debts and creating an emergency fund
  • Week 3 – ‘Grow’ – what you can do to increase your wealth, the benefits of investing and the importance of diversification
  • Week 4 – ‘Protect’ – how to look after your wealth once you’ve got it, covering insurance and scams

The webinars are FREE to attend. Book your tickets on Eventbrite.

The Funding Team will also be hosting in-person events during February, so keep an eye out for our stall with activities, information about how to best manage your money, top tips passed on from other students and recent graduates, and some free goodies too!